Hormone Testing

Hormones are complex!! Yet they are SUPER important as they regulate all body functions and they are interwoven with each other. Just like everything, finding the perfect balance in your hormones is KEY. Yet, finding balance is not always a simple task. There are fluctuations in your hormones and as we age many hormone levels naturally decline. Decline in the amount of hormones in your body can have a HUGE impact on your quality of life.

How your body metabolizes your hormones is also of great importance as this can increase or decrease your risk of disease.

Having symptoms like: hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, forgetful memory, hair loss, weight gain, cravings, poor sleep, loss of libido, facial hair or acne, loss of muscle tone, anxiety and depression, lost interest and motivation can all be a sign that your hormones are our of balance.

I chose to use The Dutch Test, a dried urine test done at home as my method of choice in assessing hormones. This is the most sensitive and advanced hormone test on the market. Not only do we get a full panel on your hormones but we also get to see metabolites of hormones, which allows for a greater understanding of what is happening in your body. This is important when trying to reduce risk of certain diseases, as well as assess how your body detoxes overall.

The Dutch urine hormone test also offers a way to assess a full day of your hormones. Many hormones fluctuate through the day. Getting a blood test of your hormones only offers a snap shot of that moment in time when your blood was drawn. Hormones are more complex than just one moment in time, which is why this is the method I chose to use in my practice.

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