Hormone Imbalance

As women, we’re often very aware of our increased emotions. We’re cranky, have trouble sleeping, feel anxious, and bloated. Let’s face it, sometimes we just feel out of control, and while this is often considered normal for females, it’s anything but in many cases.

Generally, we can pinpoint the cause of these feelings. We know that our time of the month is approaching, pregnancy can be the culprit or menopause is to blame. This list can go on, but there are times when it seems like there should be no reason for the anxiousness that you’re feeling or the crankiness that doesn’t seem to subside. The increased weight gain, lack of sleep, and just an overwhelming feeling of not feeling well aren’t normal.


Our hormones play a major role in the way that we feel.

Hormones are important to the way that our bodies function, so when they are not at the correct levels, we experience symptoms as mentioned above. So how do we correct this?

First, let’s take a look at what causes hormone imbalances. This is often a result of your thyroid, ovaries, adrenals, or pancreas and can be due to any number of reasons such as endometriosis, menopause, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, diabetes, medications, stress, or cancer treatments.
These are just a few of the underlying causes of hormone imbalances. But thankfully, there’s a way that you can find relief.

Our bodies have the ability to repair itself when given the right conditions, and some of these methods include increasing the missing nutrients with supplements, changing the foods that we eat, and adding an exercise routine. So, instead of balancing your hormones with hormone replacement treatments, natural methods will help your body do the work.


Your symptoms tell a lot about what your body is lacking, and when you understand this, it can be life changing.

That’s where I come in. I want to get to know you so that we can identify genetic issues, discuss your medical history and learn more about your lifestyle and diet. Knowing this will allow us to give our body what it needs so it can begin functioning properly.

The goal is to address your hormone imbalances and strengthen your overall health to prevent further health-related issues. There’s no reason you should suffer from hormonal symptoms any more than you already have been, not when we can address the issues with some simple changes.

So, schedule a consultation today and learn more about how functional medicine can eliminate your hormonal issues and can finally get back to feeling like yourself again.

Dr. Cain would love to be your Functional Medicine Expert!

Using Functional Medicine to find the root causes of your illness, Dr. Cain examines underlying triggers that are contributing to your illness and using cutting edge lab testing will create a personalized approach to treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Schedule a consultation today!

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