Fighting a losing battle with fatigue?

If you constantly feel as though your body is exhausted, have low energy, and feel weak even after you’ve slept, there’s a chance you may be suffering from fatigue. When scouring the internet you may find that chronic fatigue is the symptom of something bigger, such as depression, fibromyalgia, chronic kidney disease, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, allergic rhinitis, anemia, or any number of other health conditions. While this may be true, do you know that the underlying cause of each of these disorders is poor eating habits?


The foods that we eat play a major role in our health.

Our bodies can heal themselves when given the right nutrients. Most doctors prescribe medication such as antidepressants, over-the-counter medications, and blood pressure medications without ever learning more about what the root cause of your condition may be. It’s not their fault that’s what they were trained to do.

I’ve experienced this first hand when I have just graduated college and was starting my Chiropractic practice. I was exhausted all of the time. The inability to get out of bed, the naps needed throughout the day, and the weekends spent in bed was anything but normal. I knew something was wrong. Come to find out that I was suffering from a condition called Hashimoto's. And this is the reason I began to study functional medicine. My regular doctor gave me a pill and told me to eliminate Gluten. But this in itself didn’t help.

Through functional medicine I discovered that my lifestyle played a major role in the way that I was feeling. I changed my diet, increased my physical activity and my body began to repair itself.

Taking medication only masks the problems.

When taking medication, It may seem as though the symptoms go away, but the moment you stop taking medicine, your symptoms return.
However, through the use of Functional medicine, the goal is to eliminate the symptoms by addressing the underlying cause. The root cause is often the lack of proper nutrients and direct result of your lifestyle choices. Sometimes even if you are eating healthy, your body is missing out on certain nutrients, and without them, our bodies cannot function properly. As a result we have symptoms such as fatigue.

Listen, I understand that eating heatlhy can be difficult, exercising seems nearly impossible, and change is something none of us enjoy. But, I want to help you cut through all of the misinformation and provide you with the best plan based on your symptoms. We’ll meet virtually and discuss your medical history, lifestyle and any symptoms that you may be experiencing. Simply put, I want to get to know you! Most treatments will consist of dietary changes, adding necessary supplements and making some lifestyle changes. This is going to restore the balance within your body, so it can begin healing. The ultimate goal is to avoid taking medications, but this isn’t always possible, and it’s sometimes necessary to work alongside your primary care physician.

Schedule an appointment today for a FREE 15-minute consultation. We’ll discuss your symptoms, and you will learn more about how functional medicine can help you start feeling like yourself again.

Dr. Cain would love to be your Functional Medicine Expert!

Using Functional Medicine to find the root causes of your illness, Dr. Cain examines underlying triggers that are contributing to your illness and using cutting edge lab testing will create a personalized approach to treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Schedule a consultation today!

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