Stop Guessing, Start Testing!

Dr. Cain is proficient in reading blood work to help diagnosis your health issues. Whether it be thyroid, elevated cholesterol, blood sugar handling, or vitamin and mineral deficiency, Dr. Cain can either order blood work or you can bring in lab results you have had done recently.

Dr. Cain uses Quest Diagnostics Labs. Dr. Cain has negotiated very reasonable rates for common blood tests used to screen for chronic disease.

Below is a listing of the most common blood tests and what they are testing for and why you should consider having them done.

Test Tubes of Blood Work

CBC- Complete Blood Count $8

This test provides a broad range of diagnostic information to asses your vascular, liver, kidney and blood cell status. It is useful in screening for infections, anemia's, and other hematological abnormalities.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel- $10.50

The purpose of this test is to give your doctor important information about the current status of your kidneys and liver as well as electrolyte and acid/base balance and levels of glucose and blood proteins; to monitor known conditions such as hypertension.

Lipid Panel- $10.50

Looks at total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Cholesterol/HDLC ratio

Ferritin- $5

This test looks at the iron stores in your body.

Hemoglobin A1C- $8

One of the best ways to assess your glucose status is with this test. This test is an independent predictor of heart disease risk in persons with or without diabetes.

C-Reactive Protein- $9

This test is a sensitive marker of systemic inflammation that has emerged as a powerful predictor of coronary heart disease and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin D- $18

Critically important in maintaining our immune system, and bone health, as well as many, many other jobs in the body, this vitamin is not a vitamin at all, but in fact a hormone. Everyone should know their level of Vitamin D!

Complete Thyroid Panel- $75

The most complete look at your thyroid, not just the TSH. This panel includes:
-Total T4
-Total T3
-T3 uptake
-Free T4
-Free T3
-Reverse T3
-TPO antibodies

Basic Thyroid Panel- $38

-Free T4
-Total T3
-Free T3

Comprehensive Panel: $149

CBC, Metabolic panel, Vitamin D, Lipid panel, Ferritin, Hemoglobin A1C, Complete thyroid panel

Dr. Cain would love to be your Functional Medicine Expert!

Using Functional Medicine to find the root causes of your illness, Dr. Cain examines underlying triggers that are contributing to your illness and using cutting edge lab testing will create a personalized approach to treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Schedule a consultation today!

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